• Dive Centre

Our dive centre is located in Port St Mary harbour opposite the inner jetty. This is the perfect location as the boat can moor on the jetty and divers can walk from our boat to dive centre in a matter of yards. Outside the dive centre there is off road parking available.

Within the dive centre there is a secure outdoor area (pictured) where divers can wash down, hang and leave gear to dry. Also provided for each diver are storage containers for other dive equipment.

Inside our “dry room” divers have access to seating, TV and tea/coffee facilities where you can start and end your day in a relaxed environment.

The dry room is equipped with toilet, wash basin, washing machine and tumble dryer that are free to use.

Our state of the art L&W silent air compressor can fill to a maximum of 300bar. It has both inline filters and Puracon Air Monitoring system which delivers breathing air in accordance with EN 12021

Our air bank consists of 13 storage cylinders and at capacity we can hold 900 litres of air.

In a single cycle we can fill up to 10 cylinders all to a maximum of 300bar and when re-filling from our bank it takes around 5 minutes to complete a re-fill.


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